Vacation and Summer Reads

This week, I’m taking a few days off to relax with my daughter during her school break. She has four weeks left in her first year of medical assisting classes! I am so proud of her. It has been a wild year for my family as we’ve faced physical and spiritual battles. But God has been faithful through it all.

But enough about that. This post is about books. So what are you reading? Anything special? If not, I have a few suggestions. 😊


No Longer Alone by Melinda Inman (Historical)

I’d love to see this on the big screen. Prentis’ and Avery’s love story is one I’m glad I didn’t miss.

A Love Most Worthy by Sandra Ardoin (Historical)

A delightful visit to Klondike country with Rance Preston and Hallie Russell. A story of hope, healing, and restoration.

A Southern Season: Four Stories from a Front Porch Swing by Eva Marie Everson, Linda Yezak, Claire Fullerton, and Ane Mulligan (Contemporary)

Haven’t finished it yet. But y’all! ❤ Just get the book.

Coming Home: A Tiny House Collection by Yvonne Anderson, Michael Ehret, Kimberli S. Mckay, Pamela S. Myers, Ane Mulligan, Chandra Lynn Smith, Linda W. Yezak (Contemporary)

Short sweet reads. Perfect for the beach, pool, or anywhere you can sit or stand. LOL.

Fully Committed by Dora Hiers (Contemporary)

A lovely surprise. Rand Tenneson wasn’t the average contemporary hero. A story of second chances.

In Hand

The One Year Experiencing God’s Love Devotional by Sandra Byrd

Soul Care for Writers by Edie Melson

Next on the List:

Jessie’s Hope by Jennifer Hallmark

Hedges by Jerry B. Jenkins

Salvation by Olivia Rae

On Eagles Wings by Lynnette Bonner

A Tamale Christmas by Linda Rodante

A Father for Bella by Jill Weatherholt

The Redemption of Caralynne Hayman by Carole Brown

So there ya go. I hope this week will find you buried nose-deep in a book or two. Until next week, stay safe and have fun!

Let me know what you’re reading this week and how it’s going so far? Good? Bad? Meh?



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16 thoughts on “Vacation and Summer Reads

  1. Have a great week with your daughter, Gail! I enjoyed “A Love Most Worthy” when I read it- I’ll have to watch for the others 🙂 I just finished Kenan by Karis Waters and Carrie Lemke- it was a fun read! Christian world-view in an action/thriller setting. I’ve got a pile of other books in my queue, but I really need to get going on some non-fiction… I hope you have a happy 4th!

  2. Thanks for including A Love Most Worthy on your list, Gail! You have a full summer of reading coming up and will thoroughly enjoy Jessie’s Hope. Right now, I’m reading Roseanna White’s new release, The Number of Love. I need to get started on one of Jill’s books, too.

    Lots of rest to you and your whole family!

  3. Congratulations to your daughter, Gail. I know you’re proud of her. Thanks for including my book among so many terrific reads. Sadly, I’ve been doing so much writing lately, my fun reading has been put on the back burner, but I am reading a few craft books. Enjoy your time with your daughter!

    • Thanks, Jill! I understand about the writing and reading. I do the same thing. With all the traveling with Lulu and visiting elderly family members, I haven’t been able to write. Have a great week!

      • My pleasure! I love that you are reading Sandra Byrd, she is lovely. If you are available November 2, she will be facilitating one of our workshops at the Olympic Peninsula Christian Writers Conference. (We are still updating our site; registration opens next month). It would be great to see you there. Either way, I think we can agree that Sandra is a treasure ♥

        • Jacquie, I agree. Sandra was a mentor for two years at CWG and one of my editors for my memoir. I’m thankful to call her friend and mentor. She is a treasure! Love her devotionals.

  4. I’m on the last read-thru of Annabelle’s Joy! When that’s done, I’d love to dive into a couple of the books you’ve listed. They look really good.

    • Betty, I wanted to add Annabelle’s Joy to this list! But I know I have to be patient. LOL! Love Annabelle’s and Tom’s story!!! Can’t wait to hold the book on my hand. Woohoo!

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