Share the Love ~ August

A plot is just a plot.
It is the actions of a person that make it memorable or not.
~Donald Maas



Rebecca’s Legacy – Carpe Diem

Thief of Corinth – Christian Fiction Girl

Sons of Blackbird Mountain – Lovely Love Day



Attention To Details – Live to Write-Write to Live

Writing: Harmful and Therapeutic to Your Health – Modest Musings

Indie Publishing – Hallee Bridgeman via Inspired Prompt



The Choice: Beating Fear With Its Own Worst Enemy – Mary Felkins via Jerusha Agen

Accepted: When We Want to Fit In – Jeanne Takenaka

Walk With Me – Sheila Dougal


Reading photo: Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash
Writing photo: Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash
Inspiring photo: Photo by Rachel Lynette French on Unsplash

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