Share the Love ~ October


Good morning. Yesterday, the temp was 41 degrees. A nice break from the 80s!

There was so much to choose from this month, but I finally whittled it down to the following links. I hope you’ll find a book, writing tidbit, or a little inspiration to encourage on your journey. Happy reading and writing, dear friend.



Lady of a Thousand Treasures ~ Christian Fiction Girl

The Christmas Heirloom: Four Holiday Novellas of Love through the Generations ~ JenGalaxy4 Christian Book Reviews

A Daughter’s Inheritance (The Broadmoor Legacy Book 1) ~ Purely by Faith Reviews



Under-Pricing Ebooks ~ Hallee Bridgeman

Everything I Need to Know About Mysteries I Learned from Scooby Doo ~ JPC Allen

My Failure Landed on the Cover of My Book ~ Liz Johnson



Joy of Autumn ~ Angela Arndt

My Life Like a Castle ~ Peculiar Miss Darcy

Do You Love Autumn? ~ Bridget A. Thomas

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Share the Love ~ September

Good morning, dear reader! How’s the weather in your part of the world? It’s 89 degrees here in the South. Yep. I’m thankful for the air conditioning. Whew! Now you know why I love sharing colorful fall photos. πŸ™‚ I don’t get to see the crimson, umber, and golden hues of the season except online. Happy Fall, y’all!



My Fall TBR Stack ~ Connect in Fiction with Marguerite Gray
Any Jane Austen Fans? ~ Jessy
Enchanting Nicholette by Dawn Crandall ~ Amanda Geaney



A Show of Hands ~ Jubilee Writer (My hubby washes or wrings his hands when he’s worried. Like during childbirth! Just saying that after hearing complaints about guys wringing their hands. πŸ™‚ )
Seven Secrets to Funny Fiction by Angela Ruth Strong ~ Christian Shelf-Esteem
Using Short Stories to Plot a Rough Draft ~ A Writer’s Path



In The Weakness ~ The Bottom of a Bottle
Why is Asking for Prayer Hard? ~ Sarah Loudin Thomas
A History WITH God Only Serves to Amplify the Word OF God: What’s Your Story? ~ Rejoicing in the Fire


Congratulations, Michelle! You are the winner ofΒ  A Flute in the Willows by Carole Brown. Woo hoo!

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Share the Love ~ August

A plot is just a plot.
It is the actions of a person that make it memorable or not.
~Donald Maas



Rebecca’s Legacy – Carpe Diem

Thief of Corinth – Christian Fiction Girl

Sons of Blackbird Mountain – Lovely Love Day



Attention To Details – Live to Write-Write to Live

Writing: Harmful and Therapeutic to Your Health – Modest Musings

Indie Publishing – Hallee Bridgeman via Inspired Prompt



The Choice: Beating Fear With Its Own Worst Enemy – Mary Felkins via Jerusha Agen

Accepted: When We Want to Fit In – Jeanne Takenaka

Walk With Me – Sheila Dougal


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