A Tapestry of Secrets~Sarah Loudin Thomas

Book Blurb: What is the weight of a secret?

And what happens when that burden becomes almost too much to bear?

51XK+M2rnRL._AC_US300_QL65_For decades, Perla Phillips has hidden the truth of a decision that still fills her with guilt. But now, seeing her granddaughter, Ella, struggle in a similar way, she’s prepared to finally open the past to her family, no matter the consequences. But when the opportunity is snatched from her in a most unexpected manner, will she have waited too long?

Spanning generations, this moving family drama weaves together the interlocking stories of two women as they navigate relationships, family, faith, and the choices that will shape their lives. Heartwarming and nostalgic, the story explores the courage to share the wounds of the past and celebrates the legacy a family passes from one generation to the next.

My thoughts:

In her book, A Tapestry of Secrets, Sarah Loudin Thomas has written a realistic tale of Appalachian life. The dialogue and everyday lifestyle brought the story to life. I felt as if I were walking in Ella’s shoes. But…

I never felt that Ella was struggling with the problem in Perla’s past. For one thing, Ella wasn’t focused on one person long enough for the problem to occur. I did, however, like Ella’s creativeness, especially when creating a quilt. I also enjoyed the relationship between grandmother and granddaughter.

However, as stated above, the romance strand was almost like a contest with Ella being the prize. Yes. As a writer, you can have several men wanting to court one woman. But Miss Ella seemed a little flighty in her decisions as she vacillated in her affections. In some instances, I wanted to scream, “Hello!”

Nevertheless, I forgave Ella when she finally made her choice. And the scene that made her choice plausible was a wonderful surprise! I thought it fitting to have her discover the man’s natural talent in the last place Ella expected to find him. Bravo, Sarah Loudin Thomas!

All in all, I liked the story. If you like reading stories filled with hope and forgiveness, love and restoration, you will enjoy A Tapestry of Secrets!

I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.