One Of A Kind

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Matthew 11:30

My Yoke Is EasyAs I listened to someone speaking this weekend about the scripture above, I knew I had to learn more about yoke and oxen when he said, “A smart farmer would have a yoke fitted to his animals.”

According to , you should never use yoke and bows that don’t fit the team. You should always make sure the yoke fits well before teaching the team to pull.

What a beautiful picture of Matthew 11.

One of a Kind Purpose

I believe every individual on this planet has a gift—a purpose that only that person can fulfill. Now that’s not saying if they refuse to do the job that it won’t get done because the Lord will provide. But no two people will ever do a job the same way.

Designed by the Creator, we are one of a kind. No one compares. Paul was not a Peter, nor was Peter a John. But all three were called. Imagine if they constantly compared themselves to each other!

We, too, are called and given an individual purpose. I can’t wear your yoke, and you can’t wear mine. If we try, the ill-fitting yoke will cause an abrasion making it impossible to complete our tasks.

Therefore, it’s important that we are careful not to put our yoke on someone else or try to wear theirs.  Beware: when the yoke doesn’t fit the following problems can occur.

Turning the Yoke-The team pivots from the yoke by swinging their rear ends around in opposite directions until the yoke and bow is upside down.  The team is facing the load and the nigh steer on the right and the off on the left. Prevent turning the yoke by using a smaller yoke that won’t allow the team to turn the yoke and keeps the steers from turning their rear ends out.  Also, their laying down in the yoke is an opportunity to learn to turn the yoke. Drew Conroy, Assistant Professor, University of New Hampshire © 1995 Tillers International

So let’s review. When the yoke is too big, the oxen get turned around in the wrong direction; their focus is on the load, and their rear ends are sticking out.

Quite a picture, aye? 🙂

Thought for today:

You are unique in His design. Don’t waste time trying to be like another. Be yourself.


Have you ever fought His yoke? Have you tried wearing one that didn’t belong to you?