Bride of a Distant Isle

In every series, I find a favorite and Bride of a Distant Isle, the second book in Sandra Byrd’s Daughters of Hampshire series is my pick—so far.

Bride of a Distant Isle

Annabel Ashton is summoned home by her cousin Edward Everedge.  As an illegitimate, young lady living in Queen Victoria’s England, she has no other choice but to comply with his wishes. During her stay, Annabel discovers she will not be allowed to leave Highcliffe Hall because Edward has promised her hand in marriage to a frightening, repulsive man.

Captain Dell’ Acqua is in London to confront his father and to seek out a profitable business venture. When he and Annabel meet, she is happy to learn he is from Malta, her father’s birthplace and he is pleased to gain inside information to Edward’s business dealings.

When Annabel begins asking questions about her father, mysterious things start happening to her. Alone, she doesn’t know who to trust when trying to find the truth of her inheritance.

Can she find out about her mother and father in time to stop the wedding? Will the truth set her free or keep her a captive?

Sandra Byrd has done an excellent job depicting life in 19th century England. Filled with history and mystery, romance and faith, Bride of a Distant Isle, is a veritable delight sure to please any Historical Romance reader.

I received a copy of this book from Howard Books for an honest review.

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