Music Is A Heart Thang

From my earliest memories, music was, and is, an important part of my life. From listening to the radio to singing in church, music shaped my world.

It defines my mood. You can tell exactly what’s on my mind by listening to the music playing in my truck, on my computer, or inside my head. Music says it all. Music is a heart thang! Yes, I said thang.

Every singer, if they are to connect with their audience, must get in touch with something inside them. They will have to own the song. Writers, on the other hand, are different. They live the song. You hear it in their voice. You see it in their eyes. You believe what they’re saying. You can agree, or disagree, but you will feel something.

There is nothing like listening to someone belt out a song of celebration, heartache, defiance, or determination with every ounce of their being.

I grew up listening to different genres of music and watching the artist perform. Each one taught me different things. As I read the stories behind the songs, I grew to admire the person.

One such woman was Dottie Rambo. To see her on stage, you would never know her heartaches in this life. But you definitely could hear them in her music!

Just a few facts about her life:

  • She was eight when she heard the lyrics of her first song.
  • Began singing on country radio when she was ten.
  • Gave her heart to Jesus when she was twelve.
  • Her father demanded she give up her faith or leave home. Dottie left home.
  • Her mom placed an address tag around her neck, in case she got lost, and kissed her good-bye.
  • She sang in churches, making little money.
  • She suffered excruciating pain from a ruptured disc in her back.

While on stage, she wasn’t sad. She refused to back down from her walk with God. She gave God the glory for all He did in her life. She sang of wanting to see Him. At the end of your life, her voice weak, she still sang of His goodness.

I think it is sad when we sing these songs without ever knowing the story behind the song. The story behind the song is why the song was written in the first place.

I hope you will check out her site and read about her here and other places. Check out her songs by the different artist on Godtube and Youtube.


Too Much to Gain to Lose

He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Need

Mama’s Teaching Angels How to Sing

Remind Me, Dear Lord

Shelter in the Arms of God

If That Isn’t Love

Build My Mansion Next Door To Jesus

Tears Will Never Stain

I Go to the Rock

We Shall Behold Him

I Will Glory in the Cross


Artists who have recorded her songs include:

Elvis Presley

Vince Gill

Barbara Mandrell

Johnny Cash

Dottie West

Pat Boone

Sandi Patti

Bill Monroe

The Isaacs

The Oak Ridge Boys

Whitney Houston


Click on the link, take a moment, and listen to the sweet sounds of the Georgia Mass Choir as they join Whitney Houston in I Go to the Rock.


2 thoughts on “Music Is A Heart Thang

  1. Reading that about her made the words of her songs even more real to me. One song, Too Much To Gain To Lose, says, “And defeat is one word I don’t use.” Powerful, eh? Knowing what she lived through, and listening to her lyrics, one gets a better idea of how powerful God is when facing trials. I loved her music as a child, but I appreciate the message as an adult. Thanks for leaving a comment, Sandra.

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