Butterfly Thoughts

Good morning! I shared one of my butterfly photos two weeks ago with a poem and scripture. This week, I’d like to share the thought behind the picture.

I spied this little fella with his face planted in a Stokes’ aster. He was holding on with all his might. He fluttered here and there, devouring every drop. No matter how many times he flew around the garden, when he settled on the aster once more, it was as if he’d never tasted it before.

Eyeing his actions, I thought about my goal this year. I’m on my third reading of the New Testament. No studying. No memorizing. Just reading through the stories and letters. And you know what? I’ve gleaned jewels I’ve never seen before.

For example, love is woven into the fabric of John’s writing. He reminds us to love one another. He also shows us Christ’s love for mankind. But John didn’t always follow his own advice. In fact, he wanted to call down fire to devour some people in Luke 9:54.

Now, I knew all that, but the one thought that stuck with me was John wrote about the very thing he didn’t always have. Love for others.

I write about hope because it is the one thing I didn’t have before I met Jesus. And that got me thinking.

The Power of the Word

What if we spent time with the Living Word and the written Word? What if we intentionally planted our faces in the Bible and devoured every word? How would that affect our thinking? Our behaviors? Growth? Marriages? Families? Ministries? Writing?

Let’s take a look at what the psalmist writes about the Word.

I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.

Psalm 119:162

A victorious army plundered the defeated cities. They celebrated their bounty. I’m not sure my butterfly rejoiced, but he definitely collected his treasure with gusto. Do we delight in the Word? Do we read it with purpose?

I will delight myself in thy statutes: I will not forget thy word.

Psalm 119:16

Synonyms for delight are joy, thrill, pleasure, and relish. Do we delight in His Word? If not, we need to ask for a fresh anointing for our eyes to see, our ears to hear, and our hearts to understand. Reading the Bible should give us as much delight as eating our favorite dessert! Or doing our favorites things. (You see mine.)

Thy word have I hid in mine heart, that I might not sin against thee.

Psalm 119:11

We should desire the Word in our hearts. And like that butterfly, enjoy the process while gleaning every nook and cranny. We should long to understand the truths and apply them to our lives. But most of all, we should relish every second we have with Him.

I do. How about you?

What do you think about when watching nature? Does it remind you of His truths?

16 thoughts on “Butterfly Thoughts

  1. I love the photos, scriptures and important reminder to feed upon the nourishment of God’s Word and our living hope, Jesus Christ, who is glorified in the pages of the Bible. Praying for fresh hunger to meet with Him there.

  2. Brilliant.
    I like the last question.
    Looking at my surroundings and the surrounding mountains always reminds me of His truth.
    How could anyone doubt the Bible and creation with all of its reminders. Mountains, the sea, clouds that constantly change in form and rainbows, just to mention a few.

    • Good morning, Sandra. You are so right. I love that question. Like you, I wonder “how can anyone doubt” when we have reminders all around us. Hugs and prayers, sweet friend. 💞

  3. Gail, this is beautiful. Yes, I want to cherish every moment with Him. The mercies of God are new every morning. I am thankful for His love and forgiveness. Have a blessed week!

    • Thanks you, Melissa. From reading your writing, I know you love spending time with Him. Like you, I’m thankful for what he’s done in my life. 💞💞

  4. Your butterfly thoughts are great reminders. Spending time with “the Living Word and the written Word” is so very important. And I love that God reveals Himself to us in His Creation.

  5. “I rejoice at thy word, as one that findeth great spoil.” (Psalm 119:162) — I love this verse and love to “faceplant” in the Word. Your post is not only beautiful but filled with sustenance for the day. ❤

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