Trail of Evidence

The wildlife was abundant during our first years on this farm. It wasn’t unusual to step into the yard and find 6-10 deer standing outside the yard eating acorns. One year, I sat on the carport and watched an eight-point buck and two does drink from our goldfish pond. 

As the years passed, the neighboring farm cut their timber, causing many deer to leave. Eventually, the only sign of them was the rare hoof print along my walking trail. Imagine my joy when I’d find a little fawn hiding in the palmettoes, or a young deer standing beneath the oaks.

This year the deer returned. I’ve not only seen hoof prints but deer also!

All this made me ponder the evidence of God in my life. Many times, I’ve focused on what I couldn’t see until I could not recognize the evidence in front of me.

For instance, no one has seen the face of God, but the evidence of His care is all around us. We can refuse to believe because we can’t see Him, or we can trust His Word and follow the trail of evidence.

Following the trail of evidence is what I’ve been doing during my hiatus.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, small knots formed on my pinkie finger. Soon it became hard to straighten, so I took a break from typing. Each day I looked at my hands. Worry crowded my mind as the past crashed down around me. (If you’ve read my book, you know the index finger on the same hand became misshapen years ago because of surgery and arthritis.)

The idea of being unable to play piano or type ricocheted inside my head. I remembered I couldn’t use my index finger for almost a year because of stiffness and pain. Then friends prayed for me. God moved gloriously on my behalf. Although not perfect, it works. And it testifies to me every day!

As the truth of my past battled with the doubt in my present, I remembered the former pain and the hours of physical therapy. I recalled the disappointment when nothing worked, the sadness when I came home defeated, and the inability to discern God’s blessings in my life. Somehow my past gave strength to my future. God would do it again. The gray skies parted, and the Son shined through.


There is hope for me. Hope for you. Hope for this nation. Hope for this world. There is evidence of this Hope traced back to Adam if we open our eyes and follow the trail through the Word. Our pasts also testify of this Hope. It is this Hope I’m clinging to.

This coming year will be a year of hope and more rest for me. And though I’m not ready to stop blogging, I am trimming down my social media.

In closing, I want to say that I’ve missed you guys! I am praying for blessings as we endeavor to fulfill our purpose. Meanwhile, let’s follow the trail of evidence.

20 thoughts on “Trail of Evidence

    • As a writer, I tend to follow the idea to the end and often find myself in the worst-case scenario.
      As child, I was in a wcs, and it followed me into adulthood. But through the years, Father slowly drew me year after year and taught me to replace those thoughts with the truth of his Word. All the years I lived in fear, my worries never came true.
      Hope is difficult when viewing a world filled with hopelessness. But we know there is hope in Christ, and in the end all will be well. Follow the trail of evidence, my friend, in your life and in His Word.
      Thank you for sharing your heart. I hope my heartfelt words help. Praying that hope begins to abound in and around your life. xoxo

  1. It is definitely the year of hope! May we all follow the trail that leads us to Jesus, the ultimate Hope for the world. And prayers for your finger to heal! Blessings sweet friend. xoxo

  2. Amen. Yes, I’m praying things get better soon. I’m praying the pandemic leaves and never returns. I’m praying we all learn valuable lessons on how to show the love of Christ during this time and all times. Thank you for your inspirational messages.

  3. Thank you for another inspiring post.
    I pray that you will be able to continue the work of bringing hope to those who need it.
    There is hope in our loving Father.

  4. HOPE is one of my favorite words, and I love the verse from Hebrews 11:1!!!! I needed this morning! Thanks for sharing!

  5. Like yourself, I cling to hope too, Gail. I do have faith that things will get better. It’s what helps me to get out of bed each morning. I’m happy the deer are visiting once again. They are so beautiful. I’m so sorry to hear about your hand. I’ve been struggling with my wrist, and I’ve put off going back to the doctor because I know he wants to do surgery. I’ll keep you in my prayers, Gail. xo

    • Thank you for your prayers, Jill. Yes, hope is the only answer. I’ve researched several diets that supposedly helps. So far, I believe I have issues with gluten and grains. 😔 I love bread! Good news. I found a gluten and grain free cake I love. 😄

      So sorry to hear about your wrist. I will be praying for you that all goes well whatever you do, my friend. We serve a mighty God. Have a blessed week!

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