Capturing the Moment

I’ve seen media posts wishing to chunk this year into the wastebasket. I’ll admit I’ve thought about it until two weeks ago when I had the chance to be still and enjoy the moment.

That week, we spent four beautiful days with my son helping him settle into his new home. While working in the yards, we kept hearing a hawk, but couldn’t see the bird. Wanting a photograph, I was up the next morning, sipping coffee on the deck. My loss of sleep was not rewarded. Later, standing at the window, I struggled with the decision to grab my camera or just revel in the scene before me. Deep within my spirit, I heard, “Enjoy the moment.”

I relaxed and gave thanks for this undeserved gift. Then, I asked the Lord to help me live in the present, not glancing in the past or searching for the future, but the here and now, whatever my circumstance. Hard to do when things aren’t going your way. But as I remained there, memories of the last four years flooded my mind.

I wrote my memoir in 2016, so I was excited to see 2017. That January, I fell twice within a week and broke several bones. During my recuperation, I prayed for 2018! In September, I lost my irreplaceable furbaby. I didn’t pray for 2019 to come. Time was teaching me to just wait. As the years before, I faced unexpected events. In the spring and summer, I stayed in the dermatologist office for skin cancer removal. My thyroid meds also needed adjusting, and that put me in an emotional and physical tailspin. But through it all, God was faithful. But honestly, I was ecstatic to ring in the New Year.

And here we are. In another world! The present circumstances have taught me to hold tighter, laugh louder, talk longer, and love harder. I’m learning not to be so worried about capturing the memory as much as enjoying it, especially with my loved ones. When I do, I show faith in the hope I have in Christ, assured that He’ll redeem this time. And amid all the uncertainty, I wait expectantly for His appearing. Just like I did that morning on the deck.



I didn’t need a picture to remember the hawk. He’s engraved on my mind. There’ll be other days to capture a similar moment, but today I’ll enjoy the moments the Lord has granted me.

How about you? Are you enjoying the season you’ve been offered or waiting for a better time? 

The present circumstances have taught me to hold tighter, laugh louder, talk longer, and love harder. #hope @GailJohnson87

21 thoughts on “Capturing the Moment

  1. This is such a timely word, thanks Gail ♥ I smiled as I thought about a morning not that long ago, and as I looked up on my walk, there was a stunning scene of the moon (Big, round, full) practically kissing the horizon. I had a fretful momentary thought,”of all the days to forget my phone…). I received the same message; “just enjoy this moment, it’s just for you.” “Oh how He loves you me” ♥♥

  2. I’m living a day at a time, hoping my shoulder injury heals some time in the coming weeks. It’s been injured since mid-May and caused so much pain, that I wasn’t able to stand or sit for more than 10-15 mins. at a time before the pain would be unbearable, and I had to lie down. Also, I’ve not been able to drive since then. My son has had to drive me to my doctor’s appointments. I got two injections in my shoulder area a week or so ago and start up PT tomorrow. Praying for healing. I didn’t realize you’ve been through so much, Gail. I’m glad you are feeling better and doing well. God bless.

    • Dot, bless you. Shoulder pain is awful. I had bi-lateral frozen shoulders in 2010. I completely understand. It’s not fun when we can’t do things for ourselves. Praying you feel better soon! Please give us an update on your progress. 💗 Blessings.

      • I had frozen shoulder (same right shoulder) back in 2015-2017. Long time, but eventually it got better after starting PT in spring 2016. Thanks so much. I appreciate the prayers. Will do. 🙂

  3. I’m in between enjoying it and wanting something better. I am enjoying our new house but want to feel better health wise. Still, I am having more good days than bad so I will practice living in the moment.

    • Hi, Lisa. I’m with you on wanting something better…or maybe different. But at the moment, I’m learning to squeeze the gifted moments. I hope you feel better soon. I understand the health issues. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Thank you for this, Gail. How easy it is for me to wish for how things used to be in certain areas, or to hope for a different tomorrow. You’ve reminded me to capture the here and now, to learn, and to be thankful for today. Blessings to you!

  5. I’ve learned to enjoy the season I’m experiencing, as the next season isn’t guaranteed. Recently, my family experienced a heartbreaking reminder of this. All we have is today. Your photo is gorgeous, Gail!

    • Good morning, Jill. I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s so easy to forget our days are numbered and get busy with life. But this year has shined a light on that truth. Thank you, Jill. You know how I love nature!

  6. During this season, I am finding ways to enjoy life. Simple things like looking outside and seeing kids playing and laughing make me smile. Also, a wonderful treat is video chat with Rowan (our grandson who is almost 3 years old). When I answer the call, he is already in mid conversation and expecting me to know exactly what he is talking about. He gives our family great joy and lots of laughter.

    • Melissa, your comment about Rowan made me smile. Our kids and grandkids can make life’s moments unforgettable. Thank you for sharing that sweet moment! God bless.

  7. Having lived almost seven decades, I’ve had my share of the seasons of which you speak. We can endure anything with the help of God. That’s the one lessons that keeps me going and will continue to bless my life. He has an amazing life planned for me in this world and the next. Thanks for the reminder.

    • Good morning! Yes. The longer we live the more we realize to treasure the moments given to us by God. He will keep us and carry us through the good and the bad until the end. Thank you for sharing. 💗

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