10 thoughts on “Writing Quote

  1. I share anecdotes with lesson at the end of each of them. However, the underlying goal is to bring hope, healing, and encouragement to the reader. I believe that is the mission that Jesus has given me.

  2. It depends on the reader. Some may just like an entertaining story, and I hope to deliver that. If they want something deeper, I hope the underlying meaning I’ve written into my story finds them.

  3. Unlike most authors, I enjoy reading my reviews. And even those with a less than enthusiastic response give me guidance, sometimes, to how I can better my writing… I love seeing them entertained and sometimes, even catch glimpses of what they’ve taken away from the story. How the story has encouraged, inspired, guided, etc. That means a lot to me.

    • Hi, Carole. I’m with you. We can learn from our readers’ reviews. I like sharing what I’ve taken from a book. Sometimes, it may not be what the writer intended, but a thought their writing evoked while reading their story.

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