Surely Goodness and Mercy

Psalm 23 flock

This past year has been a time of remembrance of God’s goodness and mercy as I wrote my soon-to-be-released memoir. The other side of this valley is nothing short of God’s goodness and mercy.

We serve an awesome God!

True, there are things we can accomplish on our own. But only God can turn an impossible this to a that, an improbable here to a there, and an inconceivable do to a have done. All we must do is move from where we are, trust Him, and rest assured His goodness and mercy follow close behind.

So if you are in a hard place, don’t give up. God wastes nothing. He will bring a good from every situation.

Reflection: How do you see God’s goodness and mercy when looking back through your life?

11 thoughts on “Surely Goodness and Mercy

  1. Sometimes during those storms in our lives, it difficult to see the light on the other side. But remaining in faith and believing that our God will always carry us through those challenging times is so comforting. Lately, I’ve been hanging on to my raft and riding out the storm as my family deals with a heartbreaking disease. Thank you for this, Gail.
    Congratulations on your memoir! I’m looking forward to reading it. ❤

  2. Congratulations, dear Gail. 🙂 I love reading inspirational memoir, and I look forward to reading yours. I wish, during trials, I could fully embrace the same perspective of God’s grace that I later receive as I look back on how faithful He was to create goodness from the bad stuff. Experience is teaching me to choose to trust He can and will make beauty from my ash heaps. ❤
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Thank you, Wendy. Experience is the ultimate teacher. We learn in the trials. And we never forget God’s amazing grace. He will create beauty amid the ashes. Hugs, my friend. ❤

  3. In looking back at my life, I can see many times and places where God intervened for me. Bad decisions could have stayed with me forever. Yet God loves me so much that He gave me the desire to know Him and love Him. Life changing events can now be looked at as learning experiences. What a blessing to know God was with me in the past and is with me in the future. 🙂

  4. It’s so tough to see His Hand at work when we’re muddling through the wilderness. But when we reach the other side? Pure awesomeness when His glorious tapestry is revealed. My most recent valley was when our sweet Bruiser passed away while we were on vacation last year. But now… God blessed us with two little rascals to love on. ❤ Congratulations on a HUGE accomplishment, sweet friend!

    • Thanks, Tori! My Gracie is sixteen-years-old and the thought of losing her brings me to tears. She has been a babysitter for my kids, a friend in sickness, and an absolutely delightful pet. so sorry for your loss. And congrats on those two beautiful pups you have now! ❤

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