Share the Love ~ May

Good morning!

Do you find it hard to have peace when the wind blows?

The Lord promised we would have storms in this life, but He also promised we could have peace. I pray as you turn your heart and mind toward the Lord Jesus Christ, the Prince of Peace, you will experience His peace that passes all understanding.

Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this edition of Share the Love.

Sunset Owl Grace and Peace

This little one loves to have his picture taken.


Trying to figure out how to get through your TBR list? Looking for your next read?

The Five Stages of Dealing With Your TBR Pile – Bethany House Fiction
All of You by Sarah Monzon – Faithfully Bookish
ACFW New Releases: May 2017 – Angela Arndt


Writer’s block? What are you researching? What about a video for your next book?

Writer’s Block? Consider a Template –Karen Jordan, Wordserve Water Cooler
Historical Flavor: Battle of King’s Mountain – Sandra Ardoin
A Fun Approach to Book Videos – Patricia Beal, SeriouslyWrite


Do you ever compare yourself? Can hacking be a good thing? Can a criminal become a pillar of the community?

The Comparison Corner-Gail Johnson, SeriouslyWrite
Move over, Jesus Freaks. Here come the Jesus Geeks. – MustardSeed Budget
The Amazing Luck of the Irish – Good Time Stories


Not exactly food. But who doesn’t like coffee?

Vanilla Almond Latte- America on Coffee
Cookery Rhymes: Boats Cocoa-Spiced Beef Tenderloin with Pineapple Salsa – The Folklore Food Blog
History of Coffee and How it Came to be Linked to Writers – Amanda, the Writer


Got to love quotes and drawings!

Kindness – Dora Hiers/Tori Kayson
Making a Difference in People’s Lives – Dawn Kinzer
Chaotic Shapes – Brandon Knoll


11 thoughts on “Share the Love ~ May

  1. Thanks so much for sharing my historical flavor and the Seriously Write posts, Gail! And I enjoyed the Bethany House post too. You may or may not see that mentioned on my blog next week. 😉

    • My pleasure, Sandra. Glad you enjoyed them. Feel free to share any of it. That’s what these posts are about. My TBR list is like a hedge left to itself. It is in dire need of trimming. And I find more books every day. Oh well, whoever inherits the kindle will be one happy camper…reader. Happy Tuesday! 🙂

    • I like the new name, Jill! What does Dora/Tori think about it? 🙂 You’re right. She does know how to brighten a day. 😉 Happy Tuesday, Jill!

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