Abounding Hope

Have you ever made a mistake? I daresay, we all have. If there is breath, there is a possibility of error. How do you handle your mistakes? Correct them and move on? Or run and hide while beating up yourself? In the past, I did the latter. Thankfully, I’m learning this journey is a growing process.

Last week, I made a mistake for all cyber world to see. It may have escaped some, but I’m sure it was noticed by others. This mistake? I misquoted a scripture. Yep. I had everything correct but one thing. Where it was located. I quoted Hebrews instead of Romans. Sigh.

Maybe it was because I was thinking of my devotion. Maybe I had too many things open on my desk. Or maybe I just needed to know the world wasn’t going to end if I made a mistake.

Ever been there?

Of course, I know others have done the same thing because I’ve seen it several times. But rather than smirk at their oversight or correct them in the comments, I extended grace. Maybe they were having a bad day. Maybe I needed to pray for them. Or maybe they weren’t paying attention. Who knows?

Oh, why is it so much easier to offer grace to another, and yet fail to dispense it in our own situations? Honestly, I can’t answer that one, my friend. But we do it all the time. At least, I did in times past. But not this time. Well, maybe for a moment. 🙂  But before I could get the party started, I was gently reminded of Peter.

Precious, loveable, and impatient Peter. Peter who spoke when he should have been listening. Doubting Peter who tried to walk on water and failed. Impulsive Peter who whacked off a man’s ear. Cursing Peter, who denied the very One he had promised to protect. Hopeless Peter who thought all was lost and went fishing.

But then…

Jesus came by for a visit. There on the shore, Jesus sat and spoke with Peter about love. Afterward, we see Preaching Peter on the day of Pentecost. Believing Peter healing the sick. Teaching Peter in Cornelius’ house. Writing Peter penning God’s truths. Historical Peter crucified on a cross.

What if Peter had given up? What if he had stepped into the boat and sailed away never to try again? What if he hadn’t accepted the Lord’s grace and forgiveness? Thankfully, Jesus didn’t give up on Peter. And He doesn’t give up on us!

Whatever you do don’t give up! Don’t let fear stop you from trying. Keep fighting. If you make a mistake, don’t beat yourself up. Correct it and move on! Hope waits in front of us. All we have to do is reach out to Him and accept His grace. And then…extend it to ourselves and to others.

Here is the corrected poster. May it warm you to your toes! I know I need it this week! Brrr.

Happy Tuesday, dearest reader! ❤

coastline-1081897_1280 Hope corrected



12 thoughts on “Abounding Hope

  1. This was beautiful Gail. Yes, we’ve all been there and feel your pain, 🙂 As a pastor’s wife I feel especially responsible for presenting God’s Word perfectly and yet He knew all my mistakes and by Grace has already forgiven me. Thank you for not pointing them out, ❤ (I usually get the 1st and 2nd books confused – sometimes it's a typo but not always. Oh my humanity!)

  2. What a wonderful message of hope, dear Gail. I didn’t notice the error. I did notice you’re a ray of His Light and inspiration though. Thank you for encouraging us. I needed this one today as I strive to learn some new things.
    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Thank you so much, Wendy! My prayer is to be a light and to let others know of His love for them! Will pray for your new adventures! If I can help in any way, give me a holler! ❤

  3. I make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. I believe we do tend to be harder on ourselves. God loves us and forgives us and that is what truly matters. 🙂

  4. Love you, sweet Gail. I tend to be tougher on myself as well so we’re in this together. Awesome reminder to measure out a heaping portion of grace for ourselves. 💙

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