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I am pleased to have Carole Brown visiting today. Carole has a new book, Knight in Shining Apron, and it’s available on Amazon. To help us get to know her better, I asked Carole to share a short bio with you.

Besides being an active participant of many writing groups, Carole enjoys mentoring beginning writers. She loves to weave suspense, tough topics, romance and whimsy into her books, and is always on the lookout for outstanding titles and catchy ideas. She and her husband reside in SE Ohio but have ministered and counseled nationally and internationally. Together, they enjoy their grandsons, traveling, gardening, good food, the simple life, and did she mention their grandsons?

Thank you, Carole. What a lovely bio. It is obvious you love helping others. Tell us why you became a writer?

I’ve always loved reading, imagining stories and writing, so it was a natural thing to progress into becoming an author. I suppose it began way back when my mama read to us. We loved it so much, and I still love hearing my husband read aloud to me or to our grandsons.

I’ve always felt like a writer, as if it were a part of me like an arm or leg, eye or ear. It’s who I am, and I can’t imagine not writing.

You have a new book! Yay! Tell us about Knight in Shining Apron.

Here’s the blurb:

Knight in Shining Apron

Starli Cameron gave up her career plans to be a concert pianist to marry the man of her dreams. He turned out to be a nightmare. When he dies in a car accident, Starli takes the insurance money and builds a successful and upscale restaurant: Apple Blossoms in rural West Virginia.  Threats from someone determined to ruin her life and the suspicious romantic advances from her new chef force Starli to search her heart and finally turn to God for real healing.

Sir Joel Peterman-Blair, a top-notch chef from England, is roped by his uncle, into filling in as head Chef at Apple Blossoms. Joel, with his sanguine-personality, has always laughed and flirted his way through life. But now, confronted with and attracted to the most beautiful woman he’s ever met, Joel has to prove his sincerity and depth of character to his icy-cold employer. Can his love for God and for this woman reach out far enough to rescue her from her own mistrust and bitterness? Will he learn that life is not all play?

And can they both work together to find the source of threats that seem to be coming from Starli’s past?

I love reading stories with a second chance thread. We don’t always get one in this life, but when we do, it makes a happy ending. How does your faith affect your writing?

In real life, many people don’t have the opportunity of a second chance. But when a person is offered that, I think they need to grab hold and go with courage embracing the opportunity as a special blessing from God.

I don’t like in-your-face, pushy types of witnessing, but I’m also not ashamed to let others know I love God. In my writings, sometimes the “word” is stronger than in others, but there’s always a thread of the possibility of a “better life (with God).” It can be in the redemption a character needs and ends of realizing that, or it might be in my characters sharing their love by helping others or encouraging them to do their best. Sometimes it’s as simple as an apology or a dinner blessing. However the story progresses, I always want to share a positive outlook, an encouragement for those who need help to look to God for whatever their need might be.

Why did you choose to write about spousal abuse?

Abuse is prevalent in our world. It’s something that touches and angers me to the core of my being. I suppose that’s one of the reasons I was led to write about it in my debut novel, and now this one. If one of my novels can encourage an abused person to make the right choices or share light to others to help stop it, then it’s well worth the time it took to write the book.

I agree, Carole. Let’s talk about music. I love the musical element in your book. Do you play?

Smile. I play, but not at the level of Starli Cameron’s talent. She’s a professional, and I’m a down home, lightly trained pianist.

I love perusing the Pinterest boards with yummy recipes. I’m not an expert, but I do love to try new recipes. Your plot revolves around a restaurant. Do you like to cook?

Yes, I do, most times. I don’t always enjoy the day-to-day task of cooking, but I love creating menus for dinners, family celebrations and fun times. Some of my specialties include:

  • Homemade lasagna, bread, and cheesecake
  • Homemade chicken and noodles (and mashed potatoes, of course!)
  • Fun party foods
  • I enjoy trying new soups and experiencing my own personal touches to them to make them mine.

When researching a story, I often discover truth I needed for myself. I am always curious to know if while researching the spiritual thread, did the author come across something that made an impact on her?

Yes. When I first wrote the book, trust wasn’t as much of a detailed trait, but once I changed it from a romance to a romantic mystery, I realized it was one of the things that brought depth to the story line.

I know the past year, God has brought ME through some deep waters in facing five deaths in about that many months and the depression that went along with it. I’ve had to learn to trust him more fully.  He was faithful to encourage and strengthen me, and His word is always a powerful antidote against the enemy.

Any advice for newbies?

Never, never, never give up! Find the writing journey that is for you and stay with it, regardless of the directions your friends might have. We all have our own personal journey and must be true to that.

Carole BrownThank you, Carole, for sharing. Where can folks find out more about you and your books?

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