The Lord Is My Portion

The LORD is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. Lam. 3:24

Raindrop-2From time to time, it’s easy to imagine we are in control of our lives when in truth, we are not. For no matter how tightly we cling, or how carefully we plan, all can be lost in the breath of a moment. Therefore, the important things in life are not things.

I brought nothing into this world, and I will take nothing when I leave. What I do for Heaven and others will be all that matters. Truth and justice, hope and charity, grace and mercy, will remain long after I’m gone.

And when I look at my life through this lens of reality, I find I have only one hope.

Jesus. My Savior and Friend.

Knowing that He is waiting at the end of this high wire act of faith, gives me the courage to let go and walk the line.

Eyes closed.

Arms opened wide.

Head tilted back.

In Him will I hope!



6 thoughts on “The Lord Is My Portion

  1. A big amen to your post – He has given us all things freely to enjoy – but unless we are enjoying The Lord – then of course its all empty – Here’s to all His fullness. Have a blessed day. KR

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