Bible Journaling – Leaving A Legacy

journal-431912_1920Do you journal? Bible journal?

Reading the Bible is one of the most important things we can do as children of God. We are encouraged as we find hope nestled among His story. Through the written Word, we learn of God’s love for us. And we experience a change in our lives as we apply the truth written on the pages.

Making It Personal

This past week, I found a new way of making my time spent studying even more personal. Bible Journaling Art! Of course, those who follow me on Pinterest already know this. Sorry. 🙂

Some of you may not write in your Bibles. I do. My life is written on every page.  In fact, my son has said he was going to place it under glass when I die. And then, when he wants my opinion about something, he’ll look it up. He was ten-years-old at the time. 🙂

Still, as a twenty-something and an eighteen-year-old, my two kids love my Bible because it is part of me. My notes are a witness to them. The scribbled images tell of God’s faithfulness it “my” life. Even though, they have lived through my struggles, my pain, and my victories, they have my written account of God’s promises concerning my life.

Until this comment sprang from my child’s lips, I’d never thought of how important it is to leave a testimony along the side of the scriptures I was studying. Before, I had written a short note about what I was going through or what I was praying about. Sometimes, I even drew small pictures. But, I’d never thought of making it my own through art. Wow.

Getting Started

Don’t know how to draw? Don’t worry. There are sites to show you how to get started drawing, using stickers, or the Bible to buy.

But I’m not buying a new Bible to begin this journey, I’m using my current Bible. I’m emotionally attached to this one. Over twenty years, we’ve traveled together and I don’t plan to change now!

It’s hardback, 8 ½ x 11 inches with large print, and doesn’t have the wide note-taking columns like the suggested Bible. But, I have enough space for my purpose. Leaving a legacy.

Another thing I’m not going to do is you heavy paint. I will stick to coloring pencils. By using the pencils, I can color over the text and still be able to read through it. I suggest before you begin to look at some of the sites and Youtube videos. People share their likes and dislikes of supplies. And why make a mistake when you can watch or read them? 🙂

Something else I would suggest is to go slow. I am a tad OCD. So, the artwork will have to be organized. The letter exact. So caution. Once it’s there, it’s hard to remove.

Why art?

I’m so glad you asked. Because as learners, we all learn in different ways. My daughter, Lindsay is a visual learner. She loves creating beautiful things. As a six-year-old, she would write notes and draw pictures for family members. But as she grew she stopped. And though, she has learned to love reading, it isn’t the same if her hands aren’t involved.

Now, Levi is a reader. He loves words. He doesn’t need the visual. But Lindsay…well, it has to become personal with her. The story must touch her. She has to own it. (Don’t we all?)

Her face lit up when looking at the Pinterest boards. She has embraced this new idea of learning. She is now collecting ideas and supplies to begin her journey.

Making It Visual

Adding color to your favorite scriptures is not only fun but beneficial.

It makes the Bible personal.

It draws the eye to the scripture.

It causes you to meditate on the scripture while you’re illustrating.

It is relaxing.

It is gorgeous to look at.

It leaves behind your thoughts on that particular scripture.


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So, do you write in your Bible? Do you know someone who would enjoy Bible journaling?




2 thoughts on “Bible Journaling – Leaving A Legacy

  1. Sandy, I was also taught not to write or stuff. But in 2007, when Hashimoto’s began ravaging my body, I began writing little notes, drawing keys, towers, wings, or swords and adding the date alongside the scripture. There were days I hurt so much, I wanted to die. Now, I come to those same scripture and I can recall exactly where I was at that time and how God has kept me until now. Journaling isn’t for everyone. I certainly won’t be doing some things. But small, light, pics to remind me, well, I’m able to handle that. Baby steps…
    BTW wouldn’t it be great to write a story that takes place during two different time periods, where a daughter receives her mom’s Bible and wonders about a certain underlined scripture, while the reader knows because they get the whole story!
    Thanks for stopping by! ❤

  2. I grew up taught not to write in the Bible or stuff it with miscellaneous junk. I do make occasional notes now, but I’m not sure about the journaling. Old habits die hard! 🙂 I received my mom’s old Bible and saw places where she’d underlined or made little notes. It’s interesting to think about what she was thinking when she did it.

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