Crossing the River

In the book of Joshua, the priests were commanded to stand in the river, and the Bible said the flood waters of the Jordan rose upon a heap and they passed over on dry ground. Afterward, the Lord commanded that stones be taken and set as a memorial, a testimony to coming generation.

window2I have a memorial. It’s a sixty-year-old window hanging on my dining room wall—a—reminder of character building years. During those five years, we were stripped of everything but the absolute necessities.

It was “through” that time, I learned how to “to trust in Him” and “pour out my heart before Him” as Psalms 62:8 tells me to do. And when I became overwhelmed and felt as if the flood waters would overtake me, He comforted me. He whispered hope and encouraged me amid my troubles. He didn’t remove me from the situation, but He gave me the strength to cross to the other side.

It wasn’t an easy journey, by no means. But I came to understand that all seasons are necessary if I’m to grow. Something else I learned was seasons change. I will not stay in the place I’m in at the moment, for He promised I’d cross the river and take new ground.

Maybe you’re in transition. Maybe you’ve been stripped of everything but the necessities. Maybe you’re on a Spaghetti-O budget. Or maybe you’re without a car—pennies have become precious to you. Maybe you’re in a new field, uncertain and feeling vulnerable. Maybe you’re wondering if you’ll ever see the other side of the river.

Trust in the Lord. He never fails. Just as Joshua and the children of Israel crossed to the other side to claim the promised land, you will cross to the other side, too.

And when you do, I encourage you to write it down, or as I did, take part of that which helped mold you and hang it somewhere as a reminder. Then, when hard times come knocking again, and they will, remind yourself of the past victories and stand assured of this one thing: He is with you.

Fear not. Take courage. You’re not alone. Someone is praying!






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