Can You Praise Me, Now?

For I am the LORD, I change not (Malachi 3:6 KJV).


Praise, like water cascading over a mountainside, spews forth in times of prosperity and victory. Yet, it is the disciplined mind focused amid conflict, disruption, and affliction that is able to sing the praises of Him Who has called us out of darkness and into His marvelous light. This distinction separates the seasoned from the novice.

It is a lesson not easily learned. But, once learned the benefits are unforgettable.

Paul and Silas knew the secret. They sang at midnight while in prison! Although the enemy had disrupted their lives, he had not stolen their peace!


True Story

In 2004, I had a physical problem that just wouldn’t go away. No one knew exactly what it was. Poison Ivy? Poison Sumac? Poison Oak? Whatever it was nothing worked on it!
It consumed my every thought.
Nothing I tried helped. And believe me, I tried several remedies. I went so far as to try a home remedy. No. Vinegar didn’t work. Yes, I smelled like pickles.

It seemed like the more I prayed the worse it became.

Now, we all know a battle easily won is not always remembered. But a battle of attrition will eventually bring you to the end of yourself. And guess what. That’s where you’ll find God waiting.

In my affliction, God was teaching me something—and giving me something.
While lying on the floor, begging for relief, I heard a still small voice. “Can you praise Me now?”

At that point, I was willing to try anything! I began to praise Him while still on the floor. Then something arose inside of me as memories of His faithfulness rolled through my mind. No longer was I focused on my problems, but on the One Who could change my circumstance.

The itching and the pain eased. It wasn’t too long after that every sign was gone.

From that experience came healing and the song ” He Is Still God.”



If you’re in the midst of a struggle and nothing has helped, try giving God praise. Recall what He has done. Then declare:

As His child, God directs my steps.
He orders my life.
I will yield to His hands.
I will claim His Word.
I will cling and declare His promises.
I will stand believing.
He will deliver me!
I will not accept defeat!
I will think on His past faithfulness.
For by His grace, I will finish this race victoriously!

Press On!

2 thoughts on “Can You Praise Me, Now?

  1. Thanks Gail for bringing things down to the nitty gritty. We can learn so much when we are brought to the floor of our very being. How blessed it is when we find God on our way up off the floor.

    • Thanks, Annette. I love your comment, “the floor of our being.” I must confess, the floor is the only place I learn, at times. But no matter where I am, God has never failed to meet me there. He is faithful!

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