Still Thankful

This month’s theme is giving thanks. I know, there’s nothing original about that subject when thinking of this month. But November’s colors and cooler weather makes my heart swell even more with gratitude.

Another reason I’m thankful is I have my firstborn with me this week. My family is together. This mama is over the moon.

I’m also thankful for family and friends. Friends like you who have encouraged me along my journey. I’m grateful for the days when you’ve written or commented precisely what I needed to hear. You are priceless, dearest friend.

So thankful.

Looking back over this year brings joy and sorrow. I acquired several broken bones, dealt with a hurricane, (I refuse to mention her name, but still grateful the damage was minimal) wrote a book, and thought to publish that book. As of now, it’s with the template designers. I’m concerned about a particular problem, and they are graciously working with me to fix it.

Disappointing? Yes and no. It’s frustrating when I think of my timeline. Not so much when I remember God has His own timetable. Delays, Disappointments, Detours

Still thankful.

Through it all, I’m thankful for a loving Abba, a precious Savior, and the comfort of the Holy Spirit. Without them, I would be lost.

Forever thankful.

May your week be filled with joyful blessings!

Share the Love ~ September

Faithfulness to all generation Center of His Wheel
No matter the season we may be experiencing in our lives, we have the chance to declare God’s faithfulness to others. Today, I challenge you to look around, count your blessings, and share what God has done for you. Great is His faithfulness to all generations!


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