Rekindling Trust by Sandra Ardoin

After her husband’s death, Edythe is penniless and dependent on her domineering and abusive father for the sake of her three children. At first glance, Edythe looks weak, but inside is a vein of strength ready to be mined. Good thing! When her eldest child, Andrew, gets into trouble with the police, Edythe finds the courage to stand up for herself and her son.

Barrett Seton is a lawyer looking for justice. Or is it revenge? When he returns to Riverport to care for his ailing brother, he is determined the past will not be repeated. Judge Danby won’t bully him or his brother. Mrs. Edy Westin will not break his heart. He will have the upper hand and the last say.

Edythe and Barrett must put aside their pain and anger to work together for her son’s sake. Along the way, they rediscover the truth and the lies of the past.

Y’all, I love this book. The characters are diverse with flaws and wounds, making them relatable and memorable. The story is a second chance tale of justice, forgiveness, love, hope, and restoration. I felt the pace was perfect, and the romance sweet and enjoyable. The plot kept me anchored in another time and place.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Another reason why I like this story is the characters. I cheered Edythe on her newfound strength. I enjoyed the twins’ conversations, especially Timothy’s. I smiled over Sarah Jane’s love for animals. I hurt for Andrew and rooted for Barrett to get the bad guy. And finally, I hoped for Judge Danby to get his just desserts. He really needed that smirk wiped off his face. 😉

I highly recommend Rekindling Trust. But I warn you, like any decadent dessert, you must pace yourself to savor every delicious morsel.

I received a copy of this book from the author but wasn’t required to post a favorable review. The opinions are my own.  

Enduring Dreams by Sandra Ardoin

Loving her might be a blueprint for disaster.

Claire Kingsley is a woman before her time. Unfortunately, she can’t seem to extricate herself from the past to become a trailblazer for others. Her fears and regrets, not to mention society’s prejudices, keep her from reaching for what she wants most. If the past has taught her anything, it is to not reach for things beyond the set boundaries. It doesn’t matter if you’re gifted by the Creator.

Mark Gregory is a visionary looking to the future. His mother lives in the past and refuses to let go of the old traditions. If she has her way, Mark will hold to the family customs and marry a good Polish girl. But Mark wants a new life, and this new life requires change. He has big dreams for his personal and professional life. With his plans in place, Mark expects his business to soar until a man approaches him with an idea surely to wreck his future.

I liked the way Claire kept reminding Mark that God is in control but refused to trust Him for her own future. Isn’t that the way things go? We can’t see what’s in front of us. The journey of loss and restoration is a reminder to never give up on the dreams God has placed in your heart and to remember He alone is in control.

There is a reason I am a fan of Ardoin’s writing. Her characters are always relatable and memorable. The humor between Mark and Claire was endearing, and the romance was clean and swoon-worthy. Once again, she has given her reader the perfect story!

I received a complimentary copy of this book for reviewing purposes. However, I enjoyed this story so much I pre-ordered an e-book copy to keep. Yes, it is that good.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I recommend Enduring Dreams Widow’s Might Series Book 1 to anyone who loves historical fiction.

Enduring Dreams by @SandraArdoin The humor between Mark and Claire was endearing, and the romance was clean and swoon-worthy. #bookreview @GailJohnson87

Unwrapping Hope ~ Sandra Ardoin

I am privileged to be on Sandra Ardoin’s launch team for her latest release, Unwrapping Hope. Squee! I’m sure you’re going to love this one. Let’s get started!

Book Description

Phoebe Crain, an accomplished pianist, lives in near poverty to protect her five-year-old daughter from scandal. When Phoebe receives a handcrafted cigar box by mistake, her desperation to give the child something special for Christmas drives her to suggest a trade with Spence Newland, a man she views as no more principled than her daughter’s late father. But the more time she spends with the department store heir, the more Phoebe struggles to keep up her guard against him.

Spence believes the cigar box will help him gain a reclusive investor’s financial support for his proposed five-and-ten-cent stores, demonstrating his ability to manage the family fortunes. Yet he hesitates to bargain with a widow who mistrusts him for no apparent reason…until he meets a charming little girl at the train station who awaits the arrival of a prince.

Will a betrayal in Phoebe’s past and Spence’s unraveling plans derail their hope for happiness and keep a child’s fairy tale from coming true?

My thoughts

Novellas have been the perfect read for me this year. Even better were the historical Christian fiction stories. And Sandra Ardoin’s Unwrapping Hope didn’t disappoint. I loved her stories and her characters. All of them!

Ardoin drew me in with breadcrumbs bursting with promises and led me to the perfect ending. Along the way, I empathized with Phoebe as she struggled with the answers to her problems. I cheered for Spence as he chased his dreams. And in the middle of all this book love, I fell for a little sprite waiting at the train station.

Unwrapping Hope is a refreshing story of love, forgiveness, and mercy that you will not want to miss!

I received a copy from the author, but I pre-ordered my own Kindle edition. All opinions are my own.

5 Stars

Here’s that link:

Unwrapping Hope by @SandraArdoin is a refreshing story of love, forgiveness, and mercy! 5 stars #bookreview #newreleases