Red Birds and Red Trucks

I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; in him will I trust (Psalm 91:2 KJV).

Cardinal close upLast week, Lulu and I happened upon a cardinal trapped in a neighbor’s small chicken coop. He was flying from side to side, frantically searching for an exit.  The temperature was rising, and he refused to calm down and rest. We watched as he tried again to free himself only to land breathlessly on the ground. The way he was behaving, he wouldn’t last long.

I exited the truck—leaving the door ajar—and walked to the coop with Lulu in tow. I opened the cage door and began shooing the chicken while coaxing the bird the best way I knew how. After several minutes, Mr. Cardinal realized the door was open and flew the coop. Literally. Ha!

I locked the door on the chicken coop, climbed into my truck, and cranked up the AC. Yes, it was 80 degrees. I needed the air. Saving birds while shooing chickens is hard work, people. 🙂

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20180225_134919When Lulu opened her door, she quickly stepped back to the rear door. “Mama, the bird is sitting in my seat.”

Sure enough, the bird was sitting in her seat panting with cold air blowing through his tuft of feathers. He wasn’t in a hurry to leave. He had discovered air conditioning was pretty cool. 😉

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I retrieved my phone from the console and took a picture20180225_135418_001. I was sure he would fly. Instead, he just sat there. Enjoying the air. I turned the middle vent toward him, and he turned his head as if to allow the breeze to blow on his face. I took more photos as he rested. Twelve, in all. After his breathing slowed, he sat for a few minutes more and then flew to a nearby fence.

Later, I thought about the spiritual significance of that incident. I often flutter about working to free myself from worrisome circumstances that capture my attention. The more I try, the weaker I become. I often miss my Rescuer standing at the door offering to free me. The pictures of the cardinal remind me that I need to fly to Father’s presence and let the refreshing breeze of Holy Spirit restore me.

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Dearest Lord, when I am fluttering about without an escape, help me to focus on you who stands at the door to save me. Help me to fly into your arms and rest under the refreshing breeze of your Holy Spirit. In Jesus’s name, I pray. Amen

Have you ever gained a spiritual insight from nature?

You Are God

Often when going through certain circumstances, I find myself writing. Dark blue words spill on tear-stained paper as my frustrations leave me on the floor. But, as I continue to write, something begins to happen. My prayers become praises when I am reminded of His Faithfulness.

Psalms 23

As the words flow, they become part of me, never to be forgotten. Then, when life, once again, throws me for a loop, the words and music come out of nowhere and brings peace to my troubled soul.

Do songs come to mind when you’re in the midst of trials?

Prayer of Praise

Oh Lord, how I love You. I will lift my voice in praise to You. You are Faithful. Your mercies are new every morning! In times of trouble, You are there. I am not alone. Though I walk through darkened places, You are my light. I will not fear. When the enemy rages, You are my shield and buckler. I am safe from harm. Great is Thy Faithfulness! Great is Thy love and mercy! Let Thy name be forever praised.