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Good morning, dearest reader. I’m glad you’ve stopped by for a visit. Today, I am excited to welcome Wendy L. Macdonald to Women of Faith and Fiction. Wendy is a writer, aspiring novelist, and radio host. She is also an amazing photographer. The pictures in the post are her very own. Let’s get started, shall we?

IMG_5787Good morning, Wendy! Thank you for taking the time to visit with us. I’m sure our readers are anxious to hear more about you. Please tell us a little about yourself.

Hi everyone, you may have noticed I included my middle initial; it’s so my name will stand out better. It’s tempting to switch back to my maiden name, but it’s too tricky to spell or pronounce (Later, I’ll share what it is—don’t you love a good hook?).

By the way, dear Gail, thank you for inviting me here.

I happen to enjoy blogging, and I’m a contributor to several blogs besides my own. Last year, I also began producing an inspirational podcast called “Walking with Hope” for HopeStreamRadio.com: https://hopestreamradio.com/program/walking-with-hope/. It’s been an incredible opportunity to practice meeting my writing deadlines, polishing my public speaking skills, and learning to depend on God for strength and ideas to write about. I’ve confessed to my listeners that my many flops and fumbles in life keep me well-stocked with writing prompts. Isn’t God’s grace great?Wendy's daffodil

My nature photography, poetry, and prose are featured on all of my social media sites. Years of homeschooling my three—now-grown—children gave me a deeper appreciation for creation as we studied the earth together on our former acreage in the woods.

Deadlines do keep us busy! And your photos are inspiring. Wendy, this month’s theme is Joy. Please share your thoughts with our readers.

Wendy's EagleJoy is one of my favorite words because I’ve learned through experience it’s possible to feast on it in the midst of a plateful of sorrows. God uses our sadness to draw us to Himself, so our soul finds spiritual nourishment in the God of more-than-enough.

Happiness is a fleeting feeling that’s dependent on good circumstances. Joy transcends our sorrows and lifts our spirits to find satisfaction in the One who can create goodness in the midst of badness.

Life is a continual journey of learning, applying, and transforming. Have you ever experienced a season when you found it difficult to have joy? How did you overcome?

The first season that comes to mind is the winter of 1998 when my dad, W.C. Yarmoshuk, died suddenly and unexpectedly. He was only 62 years-old. Sadly, I allowed grief to isolate me from fellowship. God used a video series, based on the book of Matthew, to draw me back into the Word and back to church. Since then, I’ve become faithful again in spending time in Scripture each morning. This spiritual discipline has produced the fruit of genuine joy in the midst of trials I’ve walked through during the last two decades.Wendy's Bee

In what genre do you write and how does your faith influence your writing?

I’m aspiring to be published in inspirational-mystery-romance and/or memoir. I’ve completed several manuscripts and am revising and editing them with the help of amazing critique partners. Writing fiction first has helped me write my recovery memoir with a novel-like structure too. I highly recommend that order.

I’m excited to have a short memoir and fiction article of mine published later this year in a Canadian anthology of Christmas stories. Some of my nature photography has recently been published in a Canadian nonfiction anthology about grief. Good Grief People is available on Amazon or through Angel Hope Publishing:  http://www.glynisbelec.com/BOOKSTORE.html .

Wendy's Swan 2I’ve enjoying reading the book because I have some ongoing family issues that require me to get a grip on good grieving. Grief doesn’t have shortcuts; it’s best to give it time and attention, or it will flip the floorboards of our peace out from under us.

Faith not only influences my writing, but it also infuses it. I remember thinking I wanted to write for the general market. Soon after beginning my first manuscript, I changed my mind about my target audience. God’s love and grace color every line I write. He is my Hope, my Help, and my Hero. I was rescued from the deep of eating disorders and depression when I came to fully trust the Lord in 1983. My writing revolves around recovery in Christ. He longs for us to be close to Him; when we’re not, we’re closed off from joy.

My goal in each manuscript is to allow the Holy Spirit to woo each reader to Himself through the words I’ve written. Writing this way pulls me tighter into His arms too.Wendy's Flowers

Thank you again, Gail, for having me as a guest. I en”Joy”ed the interview.

Did you notice I slipped my maiden name into one of the sentences?

I did notice, Wendy! Thank you for sharing your heart with us, today.

You can connect with Wendy here:

Website: http://www.wendylmacdonald.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greenlightlady

Twitter: https://twitter.com/wendylmacdonald



Last month I celebrated a birthday. One year on WordPress. In the past year, I have met some wonderful people and reunited with family I haven’t seen in years. I’ve learned quite a lot and still have a lot to learn. But with your help, I accomplished some amazing things. So, I thought I would share it with you.


On a Facebook page, you are able to see how many people your post reached. And I thought you might be interested in how many we reached in the last thirteen months. I say we because it’s about us working together to accomplish a goal. And that goal, for me at least, is to spread encouragement. We all need a little of that, don’t we?

I didn’t add all the posts. Just the ones with 140 and above. But without your shares, this would not have happened. Woohoo for family and friends! They make everything better and much more interesting. Don’t you agree? 🙂

Also, I wanted to say I don’t always know who is sharing so I can’t always thank you. So here’s to you for all you have done to share my stories and the wonderful love of Jesus. Thank you!


Don’t Stop Believing -241

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The Life and Death of Christmas-397

Giving Thanks-229

Sparrows and Gravy-141

Now I Know In Part-309

Guarding Your Dreams, Guest post on Garden of Dreams-355

Plastic, Bugs, and Hot Irons-169

Submitting to the Master, article-281

Submitting to the Master, poster-159

Death and Chili-183

Choosing the Good Part-272


Season’s Purpose-312

Bible Journaling-277

Trust His Heart-192

Delay, Disappointments, and Detours-202

WDYB~What Do You Believe-230

Keep Pressing On-234

Some One Is Praying-299

Golden Truth-242

He Lives-157

Total-5234 Reached


Shared from Blog to Facebook

Saying Good-bye-117

The Life and Death of Christmas-53

Now I Know In Part-21

Submitting to the Master-28

Choosing the Good Part-20


Season’s Purpose-40

Bible Journaling-20

Trust His Heart-22

Maple Pecan Ice Cream-100 (Pinterest)

God is the Strength of My Heart-25

He Lives-50

Centering -21

Total-551 Shares

Yes, I know people may not have read the post. We can’t look at that. Our job is to get it into their hands—or in front of their eyes. So kudos to you for doing just that.

I am looking forward to another year with you. Hope you will join me on another year of adventure!

The gorgeous looking picture is courtesy of Pixabay, public domain.



New Beginnings

I hope you had a blessed holiday. It is good to be back. I missed you guys!

You will probably notice a few things have changed since last year. I have a new theme. It’s called Misty Lake. Things seem to hide in the mist. It is less distracting. Or so they say. Not sure if I like it, or if I will keep it. What do you think? Distracting or not?

Another change is no advertisements! I do like that.

For the first post of this year I am accepting an award. Yippee! I would like to thank my beautiful friend, Robbie Pink of Captive Dreams Window ~ Dreams No Longer Captive Blog for nominating Center of His Wheel for the Blogger Recognition Award!









Here Are The Rules For This Award:

  • Select 15 other blogs you want to give the award to.
  • You cannot nominate yourself or the person who has nominated you
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I started my blog for several reasons. Writers are encouraged to have a platform. However, I knew nothing about blogging so I waited for several years and gathered information. Finally, after much prayer and knee knocking, I decided to take a leap of faith (Even though I am still dumb as dirt on the matter!).

An expert I am not. 🙂  I am still crawling while honing my skills. Another reason was, and is, to share the blessings of God with others.

After almost a year, I have no regrets with my decision. I have met some wonderful people I wouldn’t have met, otherwise.

To the new blogger, I would say to swallow your fear and write. Never stop learning. Seek out the professionals and read what they are saying. There are some wonderful people who are willing to share their advice. Ask. Then do it!

Now for the blogs I nominate to receive this award.

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So, there you have it. An interesting group! They have made me laugh, cry, and think as I have read their post. Be sure to check them out. I have come to appreciate every one of them for many reasons.

This list is just a small list of what you can find. Looking forward to finding more in 2016!