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Welcome to Women of Faith and Fiction. Readers, if you haven’t read Jodie Wolfe’s latest, you are in for a treat! Let’s get started.

Who is Jodie Wolfe?

Hi! I’m Jodie, my husband and I have been married for 32 years and have two grown sons who are married, giving us six grandchildren from the ages of 7 down to three months old.

I’ve been writing since I was a little girl. When I’m not writing, I’m likely reading, knitting, or spending time with my best friend, my husband.

Jodie, you are a blessed woman. Have you always wanted to be a writer?

Yes, since I was in grade school and wrote my first story. I was hooked and knew I wanted to be a writer when I grew up.

I’m so glad you followed through with that dream! From where does your inspiration come?

Most definitely from the Lord. I pray before I sit down to write, and as I’m writing. Then again when the book is sent out to a publisher, when it goes through the editing process, when it’s actually released.

I believe it shows in your writing. 😊 Tell us about your latest book baby.

My latest book is Taming Julia. Here’s the back cover copy:

In 1875, Kansas bachelor Drew Montgomery’s sole desire is to serve God, but his congregation’s ultimatum that he marry or leave, forces him to advertise for a wife by proxy.

Jules Walker strides into Drew’s life wearing breeches and toting a gun and saddle–more cowboy than bride. After years on the trail, she’s not exactly wife material, but she longs for home and family, and will do anything to ensure Drew never discovers what she really is.

I adored Taming Julia! Now, who is your all-time favorite character? This can be one of your own or another author’s character.

It would be a toss-up between Jules Montgomery, the heroine in my recent release and Laura Ingalls.

Julia is definitely one of my favorites. Please, tell us about your writing process.

I spend a bit of time researching the potential setting, time period, and developing my characters. I generally have a loose idea where the story will go, but often once I start writing, my characters develop a mind of their own and take the story the way they want it to go.

I can see where Julia would do that. LOL. Do you choose a word or a scripture for each year or each story?

Yes, each of my stories has a scripture that it revolves around. I find that I often learn a lot more about the verse in the process of writing the story.

Discovery is my favorite part of writing. Especially when it leaps off the page and smacks you in the face. 😊 What is your best marketing tip?

Once you finish the editing process, figure out different sentences from the story that you can use as tweetables. Also have some physical tie-in to an object that you can use for marketing. In my book, Love in the Seams, my heroine was a seamstress, so I was able to use sewing items as a giveaway during my launch party.

Great idea, Jodie. Thanks for sharing that. What advice would you give to an aspiring author?

Trust God’s timing and direction. He knows what’s best.

Last question. I believe it’s important to encourage each other in our daily walk. Would you share a word of encouragement with our readers?

Trust God and His timing. (Are you noticing a pattern? J) Sometimes we spend a long time praying about something and get discouraged when we don’t see any answers. I wrote Taming Julia over eight years ago, and I had a long wait before God brought the right publisher to accept it. I’m so thankful I didn’t give up year five, six, etc.

Jodie, I’m glad you didn’t either. It is a wonderful story. It would be a shame to have missed it. Thank you for preserving. And thank you for joining me and sharing more about you and Taming Julia.

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I wrote Taming Julia over eight years ago, and I had a long wait before God brought the right publisher to accept it. I’m so thankful I didn’t give up year five, six, etc. @JodieAWolfe @GailJohnson87 #interview #writerslife

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  1. you’re post resonates so well with me Gail. Maybe I will share a bit more on my blog or on my youtube channel to encourage many who are writing a book, considering writing a book, or already have a manuscript and are feeling frustrated. I would love to pray and support them based on my experience of becoming a published author and would love to collaborate with you on this.

    • Sharing your writing journey with your readers is a wonderful idea, Sophia. I’m sure they could glean many gems from your wisdom. All who have been published need to share with thise still seeking publication. Blessings as you work out this new adventure!

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