Warrior ~ Linda K. Rodante

The worth of a book is to be measured by what you can carry away from it. ~ James Bryce

Linda Rodante WarriorFor three years, Kati Walsh has hunkered down at a new place of worship to dab at church-inflicted wounds. Her one outreach is to her kickboxing friends at the gym, but she’s been praying for God to stir her heart again. But she’s not sure that the new assistant pastor and his friend Reece Jernigan are what she asked for—because Assistant Pastor Josh Corbin plans to win the hearts of the north-side neighborhood, mostly described as “the hood.”

When Josh plans a prayer walk in the neighborhood, both the congregation and the police are wary, but Josh insists that prayer works. He believes in spiritual warfare—prayer, praise, and the Word of God. Reece, on the other hand, has been on the streets before, and his weapon of choice is a 9mm Glock. Two close friends with differing perspectives and both with an eye on Kati. But they’re not the only ones—the gang leader from the north side has taken an unexpected interest in Kati, too.

My thoughts:

I enjoyed this story. The characters were believable. The plot was plausible, ripped from today’s headlines. And the spiritual warfare was perfect. Not overdone or underdone for this story.

The setting is a local congregation. There are two heroes, one heroine, and several supporting characters. My favorite scenes were the church services. During the preaching, I wanted to stand and shout, “Yes! Praise the Lord!” The call to service, I cried, “Lord, help us.” And during the prayers, I whispered, “Yes, Lord.”

One of my favorite quotes came from Pedro.


“Are those in our neighborhood not worthy of your love and concern? Where is this Christianity you talk about? Is it only for you? Your family and no one else? Or is it for everyone, as Jesus has said?”

Although the suspense and the spiritual threads were more than satisfying, I wasn’t crazy about the romance thread. However, I am incredibly picky when it comes to this subject. As a reader, I know what I like and don’t like. As a writer, I struggle in this area. I suggest reading the book for yourself.

This review is based on the suspense and the spiritual threads alone. And for those two threads, I give the book 5 stars because it made me question my love for others and my willingness to share the gospel. Am I doing enough?

We’ve all lived so long with Satan’s attacks that we no longer see them as such. We possess weapons of divine power that can demolish strongholds, and yet we don’t use them. Prayer, praise, God’s word. The name of Jesus. Weapons. He’s calling us out of our comfort zones, out of our safe zones, and asking if we are willing to take up the fight for our families, our neighbors, and for Him.~ Josh Corbin, assistant pastor at New Life Church

See what I mean?

In Warrior, Linda shares the truth of the Word and explains how to wield the weapons of the Spirit. Through her characters, she teaches us how to love the lost in our communities. I seldom find a book that challenges my heart and mind as much as this story did. It’s been two weeks, and I can still hear several quotes.

To you, dear reader, I apologize. I know I have to be the weirdest reviewer ever. I tend to judge a book by what I take from it, not on what I like or dislike about it. If it touches me emotionally and spiritually, well then, the writer has done her job. And in the case of Warrior, Linda did a great job.

Now . . . if you’d like to read an awesome review of this book by someone who knows what she’s doing, then please visit readingismysuperpower.

Warrior is free! That’s right! From today 10-26 until Monday 10-29. Check it out.

Linda’s Christian romantic suspense novels can be found on sale at Amazon. http://amzn.to/2rcrWHK Author website and blog: http://lindarodante.com/ Personal Blog: Writing for God; Fighting Human trafficking: https://lindarodante.wordpress.com/

Women of Faith and Fiction ~ Linda K. Rodante

Good morning and Happy Tuesday! Today, I’m talking with friend and author Linda K. Rodante. Readers, Linda is offering an autographed paperback or e-book of Amber Alert. If by chance you’ve read it, she will offer another another book (U.S. only, please). Leave a comment to be entered in the drawing. Now, let’s get busy.


Linda, tell us about yourself.

linda2 2015Wow. Okay. My bio starts with “Linda K. Rodante is an author and lover of sweet tea now living in the foothills of Tennessee. She sometimes misses her native state of Florida—the beaches, the swamps, and the forests–but she loves the coolness and seasonal changes in Tennessee. Especially the fall leaf change!” And that is so true. I grew up in Florida and spent a number of years living at a place called Juniper Springs. My family ran the park and campground. It was a great place to live. Actually, both my husband and I are both native Floridians. We only  recently moved to a small town in Tennessee. I’m loving Tennessee, the mountains, the cooler weather, and the slower pace.


coffee-2306471_1920I like Tennessee too. But my heart is in Georgia and Virginia. 🙂 Next question…Where did you get the idea for your latest WIP or your current release? And where did you get the inspiration for your setting?

My newest release is titled Pursued. Before we moved to Tennessee, I heard so much on the news and from friends in law enforcement about the drug/opioid epidemic in our area that I knew I wanted others to realize how addictive prescription drugs could be. While doing research, I realized that it was even a bigger problem than I’d heard, and that it was nationwide. While still writing on the story, we moved to Tennessee; and the first thing on the news there was the problem they were having with prescription drug addiction—and that drugs were spreading into the high schools and middle schools. This made me realize a book showing this problem was right on time.

Of course, my books are romantic suspense, so I also had this scenario at the back of my mind about a couple horseback riding and the kiss the guy would initiate when they climbed off the horses. Yeah, there’s the romantic in me. I love love.

I have one other book that is set in Tennessee (Looking for Justice), and since my husband and I were moving there, I thought I’d take up that thread and do another book in the mountains.

Great idea! Favorite thing to do when not writing. 

Really, I love reading, but I also love worshiping the Lord and listening to great messages. I recently took part as a prayer intercessor at the Passion Conference for 18-25 year olds in Atlanta, GA. It was such a great time for these young adults to hear terrific speakers and to press into God. I’m so thankful I could be a part of it.

Wow. What a great experience. Now, Linda, please share a writing quirk—a ‘must have’ or a ‘must do’ to get words down on paper.

I listen to praise and worship songs to get focused. I feel that God uses them to help me keep my eye and concentration on Him and not get lost in the story itself. I’m not listening to it all the time, but often, especially if I feel I’m “floating.” I don’t want to write just anything, but something that is pleasing to God, something that will help someone else with their walk with God, something encouraging.

Worship music is awesome. Okay, last question.


stones-451329_1920This year’s theme is First Things First. Setting our priorities is a must if we’re to be about our Father’s business. What advice would you offer someone struggling to spend time with Him? And, how has spending time with Him changed your life?

I remember seeing my mother reading her Bible every morning when I came out from my bedroom. Every morning without fail. That was such a statement and witness to me. I’ve tried to do the same thing, but I haven’t always. However, most mornings I get into the Word of God first thing. It speaks to me, helping me see life more clearly, lifting me above situations, keeping my feet on the right track. The other thing is I take time to worship God by myself—I listen to praise and worship songs and sing along. God has used the words of songs to minister to me so often. I feel His love and its power.

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Amber Alert: Christian Contemporary Romance with Suspense (Dangerous Series Book 1) by [Rodante, Linda K.]Book Blurb

After a disastrous engagement to an abusive boyfriend, Sharee Jones tells God that she’s not dating anymore. If he has someone for her to marry, he’d better just drop the man in front of her. She’s not thinking of the tall, handsome man who moonlights as the church’s maintenance crew of one—a man she feels sure doesn’t know the Lord.
Since the tragedy in his own life, John Jergenson wants nothing to do with God, but every time he turns around lately, Sharee is in his face—wanting help with her Christmas program, needing help with her car, even threatening him with a pair of stakes—and talking about God. He’s not sure what to do about her, but he doesn’t like the mutilated dolls they’ve found, or the homeless hitchhiker she picked up, or the fact that she never watches out for herself. With someone terrorizing the new mom at the church, and Sharee playing detective, can he keep his past secret and keep her safe long enough to figure out if he’s ready to love again?
Amber Alert is a warm romance, with intrigue, ‪‎mystery‬ and suspense; a ‪‎whodunit‬ with heart and faith. And an ACFW Genesis and First Impressions finalist. Best-Selling author Sandra D. Bicker said, “Amber Alert…takes the reader on a suspenseful ride with unexpected twists…and characters you’ll care about.”
Author E. J. Willis said that, “The characters…pull you into their story… there’s just the right mixture of romance and suspense. If you like Karen Kingsbury or Dee Henderson, I believe you’ll enjoy Linda’s books as well. They’re hard to put down!”

Author Bio

Linda K. Rodante is an author and lover of sweet tea now living in the foothills of Tennessee. She sometimes misses her native state of Florida—the beaches, the swamps, and the forests–but she loves the coolness and seasonal changes in Tennessee. Especially the fall leaf change!

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Splash Down ~ Linda K. Rodante

Today I am pleased to have with me, Linda K. Rodante.

Linda has a new book coming out this Saturday! In fact, it is so new I was unable to get a purchase link for you, dear reader. However, Splash Down will be available for purchase June 11. Also, Amber Alert, Book 1, will be free that day for those who haven’t started the series.



Hello, Linda. I appreciate you taking the time out from your busy schedule to stop by and chat with us. I know you are excited about your new book. Tell us about Splash Down.

Splashdown is my latest book and number three in The Dangerous Series. It’s about a young woman, Lynn Stapleton, who befriends a homeless woman, but the woman is murdered during a hurricane.  The detective on the case is immediately suspicious of Lynn because Lynn loves designer handbags and high-end clothing. So, what was she doing at a homeless site in the middle of a hurricane?  Of course, there’s a romance that develops between them as they investigate the murder. There’s also a second story line with a couple from my other books. I weave both story lines together at the end. And I always have a spiritual element to my stories. Romance, mystery, suspense, and God.

Sounds exciting. And just in time for the hurricane season. What inspired you to write this story?

I live in Florida and hurricanes are just part of our lives here. Also, when I started writing Splashdown, I worked with the homeless; and one of the women we knew was killed. No one was ever arrested for it. But, you know, every life is worth respect, everyone was someone’s son or daughter. I wanted to show the humanity of those that are or have been homeless.

My secondary plot line involves a couple who are missionaries. The man is a pilot of one of those small bush planes they use. Much of this story comes from the time my mother spent in Indonesia as a missionary. I think it will be intriguing for the reader to see how the two plot lines intertwine at the end.

Okay, you’ve piqued our interest. I love that you’ve included a part of your mother’s history in your story. I love to read true stories about missionaries. Tell us, while researching the spiritual thread, did you come across something that made an impact on you?

I have two characters who deal very specifically with God in their lives. One knows the Lord well but has a hard time giving the person he loves to God. It is one thing to give ourselves to God and another thing to put someone we deeply love into God’s hand—not knowing the outcome in their lives. That is what I’ve had to do with my son, his wife, and my three grandchildren. They are now in Botswana, Africa as missionaries.

The second person’s spiritual journey is not as deep, but he is what I call a nominal Christian. He has his “fire protection”—he’s accepted Jesus as his Savior, but he doesn’t think he needs God for anything else. Of course, he comes to realize, he needs him more than he thought.

LOL. I can relate to that. And of course, in the end, we all come to realize we can’t make it without Him! Let’s talk about the writing process. What is your favorite part of weaving a story?

Doing the actual writing and seeing how the story comes together. Sometimes a plot or a character will take on a life of their own and do or say something I never thought about writing!

Are you a plotter or a pantser?

As you can probably tell from the above answer, I am a pantser. I have an idea and just start writing. I have to rewrite, of course, and often have to go back and put something in the front of the book that helps make sense of the ending

Are you happy or sad when writing “the end.”

I think I would say “satisfied.”  I like to get to the end and see how it all works together and that the ending leaves me (and hopefully the reader) feeling warm and hopeful. I want the reader to know that God is alive, that God loves us, and that He is working for our good.

I totally agree, Linda. As a writer, I love sharing God’s love with my readers. Thanks again for stopping by and talking with us. Congratulations on the new book!

linda2 2015Learn more about Linda: