Treasures of Hope

When long-buried memories of abuse resurface, Gail faces a choice: continue ignoring the implications of her nightmares and remain a captive of fear and shame, or dare to remove the painful chains binding her present to her past.

Unearthing the sorrows of her past would not be easy and distressing questions would arise along the way to challenge her faith.

Why would a God of both love and justice allow this abuse? Why does He expect me to forgive my abuser? If He let this happen, does He truly love me at all?

In her memoir, Treasures of Hope: Discovering the Beautiful Truth Beneath My Painful Past, Gail Johnson shares the truths she uncovered while studying earlier daughters of both harm and hope. As she became better acquainted with women of the Bible like Sarah, Rachel, Hannah, Rahab, Tamar, and Esther, their stories spoke truth into her own, mining the jewels of Identity and Purpose, Intimacy, Incomparability, Courage, Peace, and Victory. With each new discovery, Gail traded a length of chain for a balm of gold . . . and unearthed treasures that would sever the past’s stranglehold on her life, allowing her to live joyously in the present and anticipate the future with emboldened hope.

What others are saying about Treasures of Hope:

Thought-provoking. It’s a beautiful work, very well done. I’m going to read it more slowly and use it as my Bible study this week. I have to tell you, I’m getting a lot out of it. I love the way you write, revealing your inner struggles with such clarity that I could feel them, too.” Betty Thomason Owens, author Sutter’s Landing (Kinsman Redeemer Series, Book 2)

“I really love this book! I cried through the first part for what you went through. But I keep rejoicing at your wonderful insights. I really believe and pray that this book will have a huge impact, with lessons that even extend to others who haven’t experienced what you went through.  Even though we go through different experiences, these principles still apply to our own lives. My copy is so bookmarked & underlined!! I also love when God teaches others some of the same things, even though we go through different situations.  Thank you for opening up and being so vulnerable to the readers. I went to bed at 11:30, but wanted to keep reading.” Becky Gifford Smith, Reader

“Wow. A lot of good insight in there. I believe people will relate. I believe in your book.” Jennifer Hallmark, author and blogger

“More than a rich memoir—a Bible Study that compares today’s personal struggles with women we can all identify with. Fresh insights that will leave you changed forever. A book you can’t put down.” Karen Jurgens, author Perfect Fit (The Livingston Legacy Series)

“Beautiful. Brilliant. Bold. These are the three words that came to mind as I read Gail Johnson’s new book. Beautiful because it’s written from the depths of her heart. Brilliant because it is genuinely told and includes powerful prayers, words of song and praise by Gail. And bold because of the amazing courage it takes to share a story like hers. If you have walked through a traumatic life experience and desire the abundant life that Jesus offers, this includes more freedom and peace of mind, then please read Gail’s timely treasure.”  Stacey Thureen, author Daily Wisdom for the Mommy-to-Be

“What an amazing read. Gail has such a way with words that you actually live her tragic life and glory in the redemption she finds in Jesus. Definite recommend for those who are hurting. Well written, great insight into a life of pain, suffering and how God can turn anything around. Treasures of Hope is an accurate title. Well Done.” Liz Galvano, author The Casa Bella Chronicles

“I’m a fan of inspirational memoirs, so when author Gail Johnson offered me a free digital copy of her book to read, I jumped at the opportunity because I love her blog. There was no obligation for me to review her memoir—which was important to me in case I couldn’t finish it. However, Gail’s book was a captivating, inspirational, and poignant read because she tastefully shared what she suffered and wonderfully shared the treasured truths she learned.
She includes discussion questions and recommended reading which makes this an ideal recovery study book for women who have suffered abuse in any of its forms. The Christian truths discussed are universal. Treasures of Hope is a beautifully and thoughtfully written memoir that is undeniably Biblically based.”
Wendy Macdonald

“5 stars and a high recommendation for Gail Johnson‘s book! My review: “A well-written Christian book guiding toward healing and emotional wholeness any woman who has been sexually harmed in any way. The author uses her own experience coupled with biblical examples of women who suffered similar harm or who triumphed courageously during other times of great testing. I found the author’s examples practical, applicable, and highly useful as steps toward healing and victory through Christ. Chapter questions, songs, and meditations round out the helpful aspects of this guide. I highly recommend this unique book! The quality of the advice and the depth of the spiritual content are superb! Well done to author Gail Johnson!” Melinda Inman author of Fallen, Refuge, and No Longer Alone


Sandra Ardoin