My Story-My Song

I never meant to share this album outside my little world. But here I am trying to obey the still small voice.

In 1998, I suffered from esophageal problems. The pain felt like a knife in my back and a shovel handle in my chest. Most days, my voice was hoarse. Worried, I may eventually lose the ability to sing and to share my songs, I made plans to record an album for my family.

When the album came out in May 1999, I shared it with family and friends, and they began giving the CD to their family and friends. One friend carried it with her to Iraq.

After years of praying and seeking God, I awoke to the words, “This is a time of rejoicing. I have restored health and healed your wounds.” I began praising the Lord.

For I will restore health unto thee, and I will heal thee of thy wounds, saith the LORD. Jeremiah 30:17

I cannot explain to you the joy I felt when hearing those words. But for several weeks the pain remained and my faith was tested. But, I held to His promise and kept praising the His name. And then, I awoke one morning, and the pain was gone. Fifteen years later, it is still gone. Praise the Lord!

To this day, while listening to the songs, I cringe when I recognize those notes I struggled to hold. Their sound, sending me back to those days of misery. But those same notes reminds me of His faithfulness.

I share a couple of songs now because I’m far enough away from the pain it doesn’t hurt so much when listening to them. I hope when listening to the words, you will find hope, encouragement, and strength.

It Was Love
One More Miracle
He Lives
Heaven’s Lullaby

8 thoughts on “My Story-My Song

  1. Really enjoyed your songs! Praise God He healed you. He wasn’t finished with you yet. Music has always been a huge part of my life. My mom & her 3 sisters used to sing at church with my dad playing the guitar. You bring back such sweet memories. Praise God! Keep sharing & singing,

  2. Thanks for the follow. I followed back.
    I am so sorry for your pain. I have a lot of esophageal problems and developed Barrett’s esophagus because of it. I can empathize with your pain.

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