Saying Good-bye

This week my family is saying good-bye to my 87-year-old grandmother, Mattie Lee Beverley King Hopkins and I just wanted to share a few random thoughts with you.

I smile when typing her name. The woman loved life and laughter. Think of a cross between Lucille Ball and Carol Burnett.

3580313_wlpp Mattie Lee

Mattie L. Hopkins 1928-2016

She has three children, one son and two daughters. In our family, the kids and the adults are not always separated. The adults often behave as children and the children often behave as adults. So much so the adults can’t keep the facts straight.

I am the oldest of eight grandchildren and the only granddaughter. I am often thought of as part of her children. When referring to my grandpa, Grandma (and my mom) would say, “Your daddy…”

To which I asked, “Do you mean grandpa or daddy?”

Mattie Lee (pronounced Madilee) was always game for something crazy. With the kids she became a kid.

She loved playing games. When she couldn’t remember the rules, she just made-up her own!

She never let the fact that her life was hard steal her joy. She survived the depression, several wars, and a failed marriage. She raised three children alone and eventually retired from King Edward Cigar Factory.

She loved good music and singing.

In the final stages of Alzheimer’s, she still sang and even yodeled at times.

I will miss her laughter.



9 thoughts on “Saying Good-bye

  1. One more precious reason to spend eternity in heaven. May God bless you with fun and happy memories to comfort you.

  2. That’s beautiful. And every word is so true she was a great woman and I loved and appreciated the way she opened her arms and heart to me when I came in the family. Big granny will definitely be missed

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